How to Choose the right Downlight
How to Choose the right Downlight


1) Is there any difference in choosing 1 type of light over the other?
2) Is there any advantage in choosing one type light over the rest?
3) How to simply to choose the right lighting?
There are multiple type of LED downlights available in the market today.  
From typical recessed ceiling LED downlights, surface mounted, panel LED lights and so on...
The list almost never ending. So it will be commonly why people always confuse for the light kind to be choose for home.
Despite our sharing experience, we are not going to be technical in this sharing. We will share based on being consumer ourselves.
Steps to chose LED downlights for your home:
1) Be self aware of your own character. Are you more on functional, brand conscious, creative. Most people are either more function or creative.
2) Choose the shape you prefer (Square or Round)
Don't really care about the design first. They can be superfluous and unworthy of your good time in examining the slight differences at this stage.
3) Is your ceiling bare concrete ceiling or false plaster/wood ceiling? Look for lights that is meant for that particular category. The former will relate to surface mounted lights and the latter relates to recessed ceiling.
4) Being realistic about your budget, typical spending habits and the inner desire of wanting to be creative.
Assuming you have thought through your step 1 deep enough, often the product you are getting will also fit nicely with you budget.   
There are multiple choices of downlights LED in the market.
People are still confuse with the choices.
Are you looking for the function or creative?

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Published : 8-Jan-2021

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